Diving Headfirst

I had originally planned on doing some basic recipe today, however, I never got to go to the grocery store since my mom was so busy with her work. She is a realtor, so today she dropped me off at Barnes and Noble at 11am and went to go do an open house and some showings. I stayed there until about 2:30pm, with lunch at Whole Foods in between. It was delicious, I had a seafood stew called ciopinno, which has (I think) fish, clams, and scallops in a tomatoey sauce. I also ate really good chips, which were described as sweet potato corn chips. Highly recommended!

Anyway, I hope that one day I’ll be able to make ciopinno on my own.

Today though, my brother and my mom decided to make pesto, and it just so happened that Mr. Bittman also had a pesto and pasta recipe, so I decided to take over and do the job. 🙂 I guess it was unexpected and not according to plan, since that recipe isn’t in the beginning section for pastas, but oh well. Life is unexpected. When it throws you basil, you make pesto.

My mom has this huge garden in our backyard, and she happens to grow basil. So I had a bunch of fresh basil to work with which is nice. Plus, basil is pretty expensive when bought.

Even though pesto and pasta seems pretty easy, I guess I somehow managed to screw it up a bit. There was just so much in the kitchen to keep track of. Making sure the pasta doesn’t boil over and is cooked to al dente, keeping track of all the bowls and measurements, and also just washing and chopping. Plus, our food processor is TINY, so I had to do the basil in batches, which meant that I had to estimate on some of the ingredients. I ended just eyeballing pretty much everything I put in there, which probably isn’t a great way to start cooking. Anyway, I had hoped that my dish would turn out something like this…

but, it ended up looking more like this… (well, granted my camera isn’t as great too)

How is their pesto so green????!!! Maybe if I followed the recipe exactly, measure for measure, it would turn out a brighter green. Despite the appearance, it was okay in terms of taste. Did I mention I forgot to add two very important ingredients, garlic and salt?

So, all in all, this is my first attempt at cooking something a bit too advanced for me. Although it’s not too great, I won’t count it as a failure, because at least its edible. My mom said she liked the pesto, but probably just to make me feel better.


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