Relaxing Saturday

I just realized, this blog is turning more into just an everyday food blog, rather than strictly a “me failing at cooking” blog. I guess I can accomodate to that. Plus, it’s a lot more fun that way. I figure that I will keep on editing my blog mission throughout my blogging, which is why I am still shy to write a blog description, because I’m still not really sure. I do enjoy the freedom of changing it every now and then, and posting whatever suits my fancy.

Today was a pretty nice day, and my family and I went to Fredericksburg, Texas, about an hour and a half drive from Austin. The area was originally settled by Germans, and naturally I guess, right outside of town, there are dozens of peach farms. We went to Muelburger Farms(excuse my spelling) and althoughit was still a bit early in the season for peaches,  they still did have two varieties for us to pick. We decided to go with the Gala, which is a smallish, yellow fleshed peach. It’s a bit more tangy than other varieties, which I like, but still the same sweetness. They gave us a huge box, about the size of a microwave oven, and told us we could fill it up for $35. It was really fun picking the peaches up high in the trees. Also, I learned that redness doesn’t indicate the ripeness of a peach, it only indicates how much sun it gets. The yellowness of the peach is the true indicator. While picking, I couldn’t help but sneak a peach into my mouth, with the fuzz and all. It was simply too tempting, and equally rewarding might I say. 🙂

Anyway, afterwords, my dad and the dad’s from the two other families wanted to go and taste wines, so we came along too. The parents bought the kids this sparkling grape juice too sip along with them too. I won’t tell anyone, but I was secretly pretending to be really sophisticated and all and sipping along, convincing myself that it was wine.

We finally ended the day with lunch on Main Street, at this place called Auslander, which means outsider in German. That’s they’re logo, “Auslander, which means outsider in German” but to be honest, I don’t really get the meaning or point. It took us forever to find a parking lot by the way, so if you ever go, make sure you get there early. Apparently Auslander had a parking lot behind it though. The food was great! I’ve never really had Germanly German food, and I guess this is as close as I’ll get. They had Opa sausage, stuffed cabbages, and plenty of other German foods. I ordered the Reuben sandwich on pumpernickel bread with swiss, corned beef, saurkraut, and mayo. It was huge, but delicious!! So savory, fattening, and rich! I only ate half though. You could choose a side, and they recommended the potato pancakes, which I got and quickly gobbled up.

(except it was much sunnier that day, the picture looks like a scene from Shrek)

Here is a picture of one of their dishes (from google, sadly I didn’t bring my camera) but the potato pancakes are the yellowish circles depicted.

So now, we’ve got delicious fresh peaches, some fresh bulbs of onions that they also sold at the farm, and really full bellies. I feel like doing something with the onions, one of which is a beautiful red hue. Maybe I’ll pickle them! I feel like that is the best way to capture the flavor of something as fresh as the red onion.


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